Oyster Bag

OYSTER waterproof Radio Bag

The Oyster waterproof is designed to ensure radios are waterproof to a depth of 25m. The bags are of carefully tailored construction to ensure 100% integrity with
no reduction in its functionality.

Oyster connectors

Oyster connectors

Headsets and Peripherals attach to the Oyster bags with special waterproof connectors, thus ensuring the integrity of the bag is maintained, even at depth. Connectors are provided to the customer’s specification.

Ready to be used when emerging from water

Ready to be used when emerging from water

The Oyster bag is designed to allow the radio the function normally, once the user is clear of the water.

Bags hight flexibility

Bags’ hieght flexibility

Oyster bag’s height is provided according to users’ radios dimension.
Oyster can be attached to a leg or on the back with the provided straps according to swimmers’ convenience.



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