Falcon combat headset

Falcon combat headset

The Falcon Headset is a multi-function waterproof headset. It is light weight but highly durable.


Falcon linked to chest

The Falcon linked to a chest with its microphone pointing upward bear a mouth has found many applications in warfare and snipers’ tasks. The audio reception function is in this case obtained with an acoustic ear coil.
For sniper and other special operators, the Falcon uses a chest-mounted microphone that has proven to have superior transmission qualities.



Falcon helmet hanger

The Falcon can connect to a combat helmet to provide an integrated communications solutions with greater comfort and flexibility.

Transparent ear tips

Falcon ear tip

The Falcon features optional transparent tubes with in-ear tip which allow the user a high degree of coherent hearing while reducing input by up to 15db of ambient noise.

Superior comfort

Falcon superior comfort

The Falcon provides a high degree of comfort and hygiene, due to having no physical contact with the users face. The Falcon headset is in service with Infantry and Special Forces all over the world. 


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