Source Of Sound Ltd. (SOS), established in 1971, is the primary supplier of high quality communication headsets to the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). SOS has acquired considerable expertise in military as well as in communication technologies, in extreme environmental conditions.

Design – SOS designs and makes military communication accessories, which ensure good communications in the harshest combat environments. SOS designs are combat proven, and have gained a reputation for reliability and flexibility.

Customers – SOS provides headsets and communications accessories to many armies including the Israeli and US Special forces. SOS also provides the same equipment to Government Agencies, Military Organizations, VIP Protection, Police, Paramilitary and Civil Emergency Rescue Services to many countries around the world.

Products – SOS provides a wide range of products for Low, medium and high noise environments to address a wide range of military and law enforcement applications including intelligence and security agencies. SOS has a proven track record of addressing the most demanding operational needs.