VIPCOM–VIP Bodyguard headset

“VIPCOM” – VIP Bodyguard headset

SOS VIP Bodyguard headset, is designed to ensure discreet and clear communication in the most demanding public environments, by allowing security personnel to adopt the posture most appropriate to the situation, without compromising their effectiveness.

VIP Bodyguard headset 01

VIP Bodyguard headset

Voice reception is enabled using a helical transparent tube and an interchangeable ear tip, provided in different sizes.

PTT function

PTT function

The VIPCOM uses an integrated hand held PTT waterproof microphone, which makes the system particularly simple and robust.

Reliable and qualitative

Reliable and qualitative

While many headsets marketed for the same function, appear outwardly similar, none incorporate SOS’s operationally proven technology, derived from real world experience from protection teams working in the most extreme environments.



SOS VIP headset

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