The Company

Founded over twenty years ago, Source of Sound (SOS) designs and manufactures in-ear hearing protection and communications systems. SOS solutions include waterproof, wireless, covert, and multiple simultaneous communication headset systems. In partnership with Silynx Communications in the US, SOS products are combat-proven with the most elite units around the world, including NATO and US Special Forces.


The CLARUS System

CLARUS is the world’s smallest and lightest multi-comm, tactical in-ear headset system.  CLARUS provides active and passive noise reduction in dynamic combat noise environments, while ensuring clear, reliable communication. Offering advanced hearing protection and communications capabilities in a small and light weight design.


CLARUS Plug and Play

CLARUS is a simple to use, intuitive solution. CLARUS provides combat-proven impulse and steady-state noise protection, intercom interoperability, clear communications, and sound localization for full situational awareness.  Compatible with a broad range of radios and available in single or dual radio configurations, CLARUS gives users a clear operational edge.


CLARUS Highlights

  • Plug and play simplicity.
  • 360° sound localization.
  • Direct and interchangeable radio connectors.
  • Dual radio capability.
  • Supports full duplex radio operation.
  • Light weight and highly durable.
  • Intercom interoperability.
  • Impulse and steady-state noise reduction.
  • Voice prompt feedback.
  • 1.5v AAA battery or powered by radio.
  • Colors: Black / Desert Tan.

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